4 Treatments with Ozonoted Olive Oil

4 Treatments with Ozonoted Olive Oil

4 Treatments with Ozonoted Olive Oil

What is Ozonoted Olive Oil?

Ozonate olive oil is made using organic, extra-virgin, cold pressed olive oil that goes through a process known as ozone injection. It is used for skin care. It helps to stimulate the growth of skin cells, sterilizes and cleans, reduces swelling, decreases wound healing time, and helps to prevent harmful toxines.It can also used fort he treatment of insect bites and stings, sunburns, and also used as a natural underarm deodorant. It reduces wrinkles and cellulites.

Price of the product depends on where you buy from. But if you would like to buy from websites it is nearly 10-15 $.

What are the benefits of Ozonoted Olive Oil?

  • It is highly effective to burns and scalds.
  • Ozonoted Olive Oil can be used to all skin diseases and it mostly show result.
  • Ozonoted Olive Oil refresh your skin.
  • It is effective against under-eye bags and crow’s foots.
  • It is useful for headache treatment.
  • Prevents the cellulite formation and effective against the stretch marks which are formed during pregnancy.
  • It is highly effective against chapped lips.
  • It helps you to moisten your skin.
  • Ozonoted Olive Oil is used to prevent the formation of tinea pedis and other kinds of wounds on feet.
  • It has anti-aging effect.
  • It decreases wound healing time in particularly originated from diabetes.
  • It increases metabolic rate and give energy.
  • When it is used as massage oil it speeds up blood pressure.

Treatments with Ozonoted Olive Oil

For Acne Treatment

Before the implementation clean your face well. Then apply the oil on your face by massaging.

For Tine Pedis Treatment

Wash your feet before the implementation. Wait for drying of your feet. Use the oil 3 times a day.

For Eczema Treatment

Put 1 teaspoon of ozonoted olive oil to a bucket of water. Plunge your eczamas into water 2 times a day.

For Diaper Rash Treatment

It can be implemented on diaper rash area by cotton. For babies it can also use by putting 2 drop into bathtub water.

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