6 Solutions to Oily-Prone Face Problem

6 Solutions to Oily-Prone Face Problem

6 Solutions to Oily-Prone Face Problem

For many people oily-prone face, rough face and acnes are big problems. Malnutrition, negligence of cleaning and mistakes by using poor quality of cosmetics can cause this oily-prone face problem.

Solutions to Oily-Prone Face Problem

1.Mineral Water Recipe: to prevent this problem every day put some mineral water on a cotton and implement this on your face by massaging. After 10 minutes wash your face with plenty of water.

2.Proper Diet: In this diet program you should consume natural foods and shrink away from take-home foods and fast foods. Drinking plenty of water is always beneficial for your skin. In addition to these some exercises and shrinking away from flour, salt and sugar would be help you to getting rid of oily-prone face.

3.Creams: When using cosmetic cream and lotion you should take advice of a dermatologist.

4.Washing Face Right: Washing face too much is not an effective or right method to solve this problem. It is suitable that washing your face 3 times a day. You can use special soaps for oily faces. During the washing make massage to your face. Do not use too hot or cold water.

5.Clay Mask: To prevent oily-prone face problem you can use clay or mud mask once a week. Mud and clay with their aspirator and drying effect will decrease the oiling rate on your face.,

6.Milk Bath: With this method you can have clear skin. After this bath you should wash your face with a cold water.


Honey and Milk Mask for Oily Faces

Required Materials:

1 table spoon of honey

1 table spoon of lime juice

1 tea glass of milk

Preparation: Mix the honey and lime juice in a clean plate. Add the 1 tea glass of milk into this mixture. Put the mixture on your face and wait for 10 minutes. After the waiting time wash your face with warm water. You can get rid of oily-prone face problem by using this mask once a week.

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