8 Practical Method to Grow Your Nails

8 Practical Method to Grow Your Nails

8 Practical Method to Grow Your Nails

Growing nail is one of the most important issue for women. Many women in particularly women in business life want to take care of their hands and grow their nails. But nails are broken and do not grow because of some reasons. By reading this article you can get information and tips about growing nails and so you can have healthy and grown nails.

Ways of Nail Growing

1.With a little care you can speed up the growing process of your nails. When you rasp your nails you should be more careful. Square shaped nails are prone to be broken. You should rasp your nails roundly.

2.Nail Varnishes which are left on nails for days cause to yellowing and easily breaking. Some nails may not be broken but peel. These kind of nails after some time would break off. For growing nails you should clean your nail varnishes daily or every other day.

3.To grow your nail you should put your hands to water as much as possible. Feeding the nails with water would help growing them. But of course to feed your nails by washing you should not have nail varnishes.

4.For growing nails you can prepare a mixture with olive oil and lemon. Dab a tea spoon of olive oil and 4-5 drops of lemon by a cotton on your nails. What the nails need is protection the upper layer of them. This mixture is used to prevent the peeling and breaking of nails.

5.For fast growing nails they should be hard. Because of this every day you should use hand creams which contain olive oil. Olive oil hardens the nails.

6.Vinegar and salt mixture is also helpful to growing nails. Harden effect of vinegar and salt mixture benefit to upper layer of nails.

7.Vitamin E Ampoules which can be supplied from pharmacies can be another beneficial materials for nails. You can put this vitamin ampoules on your nails by mixing with a hand cream. In short time you would see alteration. You would have stronger and healthier nails.

8.Last beneficial product for your nails is violet oil. This oil cares your nails from its roots to upper surface. It helps hardening of your nails and speeds up the growing process. You can use this oil twice a week.


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