Getting Rid of Scratches on Legs: Herbal Solutions

Getting Rid of Scratches on Legs: Herbal Solutions

Getting Rid of Scratches on Legs: Herbal Solutions

You can use natural and herbal solutions for stretches on legs. But first of all you should care about nutrition and drink plenty of water. If you use routinely the methods which mentioned in this article you can get rid of your stretches on legs.

Natural Methods

It is a low possibility to get rid of stretches completely for people over the age of 30. Because of this point it is vital to take precaution before the formation of stretches. Most commonly getting or losing weight causes these stretches. So what can we do to prevent the formation of stretches?

One of the most important point is healthy nutrition. In addition to this you should drink plenty of water, do sports and do skin tightening massages. Stretches on legs can be seen at both overweight and slim people. In this respect proper diet and sports are quite important

For woment rapid weight gain/lost in pregnancy period and nutrition disorders are main causes of stretches. In the period of hormonal changes women should care more seriously about their body. Using moisturizing creams, drinking plenty of water and acting more are important points to prevent leg stretches.

Herbal Solution for Stretches on Legs

Required Materials:

2 dessert spoon of lemon juice

2 tea spoon of  jasmine oil

Half coffee cup of almond oil

1 coffee cup of oil of thyme

1 coffee cup of neroli oil

Preparation: Mix all the materials in the list well. Spread this mixture on your legs one time in a day. Left it without washing. But pregnant women must wash their legs 45 minutes later.


Oil Mixture for Stretches on Legs

20 grams cacao butter

20 grams glycerin

20 grams almond oil

20 grams apricot kernel oil

10 grams olive oil

10 grams centaury oil

10 grams flax oil

10 grams black cumin oil

Preparation: Put the listed materials in a glass jar. Shake the jar for 5 minutes. Spread this mixture on your stretches by massaging. After waiting for 3 hours you can wash your legs with warm water. You can use this method every other day. You will get an effective result.

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