Top 3 Natural Anti-Wrinkle Masks

Top 3 Natural Anti-Wrinkle Masks

Top 3 Natural Anti-Wrinkle Masks

In this article you can find anti-wrinkle masks which are completely natural and used for neck and hands too. Wrinkle is a sign of growing older. To prevent to have wrinkles you do not need to pay for expensive cosmetic products or have an operation. You will find some homemade natural and herbal mask recipes in this article.

Apple and Milk Mask

One of the most effective masks at anti-wrinkle treatment.

Required Materials:

1 medium size of apple

1 table spoon of butterfat

2 table spoon of water

Preparation: Grate a medium seize of apple to a plate. Mix and boil the butterfat and water. After the mixture became boiled add the grated apple into it. Continue to boil for 1 more minutes. At the end of this time put the mixture on to become cold. Spread the cold mixture on your face or related area of your body by finger massaging. After this process wait for 60 minutes. Then wash your skin with warm or cold water. If you use this recipe once a week for 6 months you will get an incredible result.


Cucumber and Milk Mask

This mask can be used for all wrinkles such as on face, supraorbital, prefrontal areas, neck and hands.

Required Materials:

Half tea cup of milk

1 medium size of cucumber

Preparation: Liquidise the cucumber and mix with milk. Spread this mixture on your face by the aid of cotton. Wait for drying of mask. Apply this mask on your face 3 times (wait for drying each time).  After the last application wait for 10 minutes. At the end of this time wash your skin by warm or cold water. Normally use this mask once a week. But if you have deep wrinkles it can be used twice a week, too.


Anti-Wrinkle Fresh Yeast Mask

This mask is quite effective against face wrinkles. It is used just for face, supraorbital and prefrontal areas.

Required Materials:

1 Fresh Yeast

Half tea cup of water

Preparation: The point is that the water must be warm. Put the yeast into water and crush it until the mixture set like a mask. Mix this mixture for 5-10 minutes. Spread this mixture on your skin and wait for 30 minutes. Then wash your skin with warm water. You can use this recipe once a week. It helps you to get rid of wrinkles and also have a healthier skin.

Suggestions to Get Rid of Wrinkles

  • One of the most important points is regular sleep. Shut the lights off before going bed. Dark environment helps your skin to renew.
  • Drinking plenty of water helps you to getting rid of wrinkles. When you wake up in the morning drink 2 glasses of water and during the day drink at least 2 liters of water.
  • Do not neglect to moisturize your skin. But prefer natural and herbal moisturizing products in order to using cosmetics.
  • In summer season care about using suntan, sun glasses and protecting products from harmful sun rays.
  • Women over 50 may support their treatment process by cosmetic products. But the priority must be the natural and herbal ones.





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